Create Wow moments in Learning

Our vision is to Gamify Education. We want to make it fun to Play and Learn & Make and Share!

Our students are tech savvy and use devices to entertain themselves. Research has shown that school work and tests are not engaging enough. It hurts our ability to innovate and to compete in the current information economy.

Students with different learning styles have a lot of fun learning new topics and are engaged with the content when we Gamify Education by bringing topic based Quests, Conversations, Videos, Simulations, game, quizzes, puzzles, etc. Teachers and Students can create their own content and play them with our innovative widgets.

Idea2Play (GyanQuest)

Idea2Play is an immersive Educational library. Students interact with Web docents to learn new concepts. Teachers and Students can create innovative games by providing Content to Game Engines. Make, Play and Share!

Using Game elements like interact-able elements, mini-games, simulations along with highly curated Educational content – We create a fun environment where students can Play and Learn. Our catalog contains different content types such as video, conversations, quests, bingo, word blocks, web pages and more. Use our Conversational or Quest Widget to let Students learn in a natural way. Create your own Conversations, use our library or let your Students create Conversations to show mastery over a topic.

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Math Pop Fiesta

Get into the Number Popping frenzy…
Math Pop Fiesta is a cute, fun and addictive Match 3 puzzle game with a spin. Select any combination of adjacent numbers and operators in any direction to form valid equations.

Clear obstacles and use boosters to get more points. Longer Equations are rewarded with higher points.

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Fruit Pop Fiesta

Fruit Pop Fiesta (formerly Match 3 Ultimate) is a Match 3 game.

Match 3 or more items in any direction. Develop your brain’s pattern matching skills.

Longer selections are rewarded with more points!

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Word Pop Fiesta

Get into the Word Popping frenzy…
WordPop Fiesta is a cute, fun and addictive Match 3 puzzle game with a spin. Select any combination of adjacent letters in any direction to form valid words.
Clear obstacles and use boosters to get more points. Longer words are rewarded with higher points.
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Trivia Fiesta

Trivia Fiesta is a fun party game. Draw, Act and Hum along with friends for loads of fun.

It’s a board game on your phone. No tripping over or stepping on tiny pieces ????

The app is used to drive game play, but instead of everyone hunched up on your own devices, you simply pass the phone or tablet around. The focus is on having fun together and also some friendly competition.

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Our products provide a framework where you can get started with existing ideas. So instead of coming up with new ideas in a vacuum, you will be able to build on and extend the games that you already love playing and truly make them your own.

Maker Fiesta Kids Cards – Make and Play Classic card games.

  • High Quality Kid Friendly Playing Card Deck. Combines a regular playing card deck and additional cards. Play Classic Kid Card games such as Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Memory Match and more. Introduce kids to regular card games as they grow older
  • Make your own card games with the erasable cards. Use the Action Cards to introduce additional excitement in game play. Make up silly ones, funny ones and let your imagination run wild using the erasable cards
  • Connect to your kids. Spend quality time with your family playing existing card games and inventing new games
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