Trivia Fiesta Help

How to Play Trivia Fiesta is below. If you are looking to create a custom Game Show, check out our Create Knowledge Pack page.

Home Screen

The home screen shows trivia fiesta packs. Click on a pack to start playing the pack.

Some packs are locked (example: the Music pack) and a lock icon appears on them. To unlock the packs, you will be asked to sign in. Sign in is FREE. You can use your Google id to sign in.

Pack Selection

Once a pack is selected, you can select the number of teams and number of rounds. Each team should have at least 2 players. Click on Play to start playing the pack.

Pass the device to the selected team.

Select an option that you are comfortable with to do the action specified. They have different points. Once a question or  word is selected, it cannot be changed. Choose wisely!

Tick Tock!

Pass the device to the next team. Next team will decide if the action was fulfilled and award points.

At the end of the game, the winner is selected based on the scores. Click on the home icon in the top left corner at any time to exit the pack and go back to the home screen.

Adding your own Knowledge Pack

On the Home page, slide the left panel menu by clicking on the three lines in the top left corner.

Select Import Pack to import a Knowledge Pack. This knowledge pack has to be pre-created using Excel or Google Sheet and placed into the Packs folder of Trivia Fiesta before. To create a Knowledge Pack, visit our Knowledge Pack creation instructions.

Select File containing the Knowledge pack

Wait until Knowledge Pack is uploaded. It will be available on all devices signed in with your account.