How to play GyanQuest

Story Background

You are playing Sam, a solider sent to explore Earth and report information back. Sam needs to learn everything about Earth and is doing so visiting Museums that have content for students.

Navigation and Controls

If you have played Minecraft on the iPad, the controls are very similar. Use the bottom-left control wheel to move and use your finger to swipe to change direction.

The bottom area (HUD) contains a row of buttons

  • Map – Displays the map of the area. You can directly teleport to a location instead of walking.
  • Quests – Displays the various quests that you have accepted
  • Settings – Settings menu that lets you teleport back to the ship or quit the game.

Other Controls

  • To interact with ! hotspots, touch them twice.
  • To play videos or to interact with an exhibit touch them twice.
  • To open a video in a new browser page, touch the expand button in the top right area.
  • To use the elevator, press the floor number and hit the GO button.
Main Areas
  • Sam’s Ship – This Sam’s home base. You can teleport from the ship to different Cities and directly to different rooms
  • Area Selection – This lets you teleport to different cities. You can roam around the cities or use the map to directly teleport to various locations
  • Earth Map – This lets you teleport directly to Topic based Museum rooms.
  • Entertainment Arcade – This lets you play various games using the coins you collected.
  • Museums – There are various museums (Math, Science, etc) that have various topics based on the City you are in.
  • Museum Topic Room – Use the Elevator in the lobby (Press floor # and hit Go) to visit the different Museum topic rooms.
  • Google Classroom City – If your Teacher has enabled this feature, Sign in via our Google Classroom link.