Create Trivia Fiesta Knowledge Pack

Creating a Trivia Fiesta Knowledge Pack, which allows you to Make your own content for Trivia Fiesta, is as simple as editing a spreadsheet.

Sample Second Grade Knowledge Pack spreadsheet

Download 2nd Grade Pack Excel spreadsheet

Google Sheets 2nd Grade Knowledge Pack

The 2nd Grade Pack spreadsheet will give you an overview on how the spreadsheet format looks like.

Knowledge Pack Template

Download Excel Knowledge Pack Template

Google Sheet Knowledge Pack Template

Edit the downloaded template using Excel or Google Sheets.

Step 1 – Edit Template
  1. Enter Name of Pack in cell B2
  2. Enter Description in cell B3
  3. Enter Content
    1. Select Action type via drop-down in A7
    2. Enter Question or Word to Guess in B7
    3. Enter Answer to question in C7
    4. Enter  Points in D7
    5. Enter Time in E7
  4. Keep entering content rows until you are done
  5. Save Spreadsheet
Step 2 – Upload Knowledge Pack Spreadsheet to Trivia Fiesta
Go to Knowledge Pack Upload Portal
Step 3 – Play Knowledge pack in Trivia Fiesta App

Start Trivia Fiesta on iOS or Android device. You should see the knowledge pack in the first row of the Main Catalog. Select it and start playing.

If it does not appear in the Main Catalog, restart Trivia Fiesta.