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Our vision is to bring fun in Education using AI and Gaming.

We are using 19th Century tools to teach students to solve current problems. Students need to learn key 21st Century skills to be competitive. People are visual, auditory, sensory and traditional learners. Our products gamify Education by bringing Quests, Conversations, Videos, Simulations, mini-Games, Quizzes from different sources to address the needs of students with different learning styles. Our AI driven model uses Machine Learning and Manual Curation using Domain Knowledge Educators to build an Education Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph feeds Curated Educational content with different content types to different client apps – Like GyanQuest 3D Adventure Game and GyanQuest web portal. It also allows the Instructors to personalize their students learning.


GyanQuest Adventure game is an immersive 3D Game environment with Educational content. Students play the game as ‘Sam,’ an alien sent to explore Earth and learn everything about it.

Using Role Playing Game elements like immersive story lines, interact-able elements, character progression, rewards along with highly curated Educational content – We create a fun environment where students can Play and Learn.

Navigate different spaces to learn different concepts inside a game in a fun manner. Complete quests to earn rewards and earn bragging points. This game fits well with the concept of online distance learning and allows students to independently complete their assignments remotely.

Trivia Fiesta

Trivia Fiesta is a fun party game. Draw, Act and Hum along with friends for loads of fun.

It’s a board game on your phone. No tripping over or stepping on tiny pieces 😊

The app is used to drive game play, but instead of everyone hunched up on your own devices, you simply pass the phone or tablet around. The focus is on having fun together and also some friendly competition.

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Word Pop Fiesta

Get into the Word Popping frenzy…
WordPop Fiesta is a cute, fun and addictive Match 3 puzzle game with a spin. Select any combination of adjacent letters in any direction to form valid words.
Clear obstacles and use boosters to get more points. Longer words are rewarded with higher points.
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Math Pop Fiesta

Get into the Number Popping frenzy…
Math Pop Fiesta is a cute, fun and addictive Match 3 puzzle game with a spin. Select any combination of adjacent numbers and operators in any direction to form valid equations.

Clear obstacles and use boosters to get more points. Longer Equations are rewarded with higher points.

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Fruit Pop Fiesta

Fruit Pop Fiesta (formerly Match 3 Ultimate) is a Match 3 game.

Match 3 or more items in any direction. Develop your brain’s pattern matching skills.

Longer selections are rewarded with more points!

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Our products provide a framework where you can get started with existing ideas. So instead of coming up with new ideas in a vacuum, you will be able to build on and extend the games that you already love playing and truly make them your own.

Maker Fiesta Kids Cards – Make and Play Classic card games.

  • High Quality Kid Friendly Playing Card Deck. Combines a regular playing card deck and additional cards. Play Classic Kid Card games such as Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Memory Match and more. Introduce kids to regular card games as they grow older
  • Make your own card games with the erasable cards. Use the Action Cards to introduce additional excitement in game play. Make up silly ones, funny ones and let your imagination run wild using the erasable cards
  • Connect to your kids. Spend quality time with your family playing existing card games and inventing new games
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