GyanQuest – An Immersive 3D Educational Game Experience

GyanQuest Adventure game is an immersive 3D Game environment with Educational content. Students play the game as ‘Sam,’ an alien sent to explore Earth and learn everything about it.

Using Role Playing Game elements like immersive story lines, interact-able elements, character progression, rewards along with highly curated Educational content – We create a fun environment where students can Play and Learn.

Navigate different spaces to learn different concepts inside a game in a fun manner. Complete quests to earn rewards and earn bragging points. This game fits well with the concept of online distance learning and allows students to independently complete their assignments remotely.

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We are looking to work with Content partners, Museums and Teachers to develop content for this Educational Role Playing game. If you are interested, please contact us.

How GyanQuest enables learning of Educational Concepts

Let’s see how to apply “Play and Learn” concepts to Learning Electromagnetism. Teachers and Parents can use GyanQuest for distance learning needs during this covid-19 time and also for flipped classroom learning.


  • Learn by asking our AI Docent game characters.
  • Informative Exhibits teach you different concepts in Electromagnetism
  • Curated Video Exhibits enable multimedia learners to quickly grasp complex concepts.
  • Simulator Exhibits let you Play and Learn on how a moving magnet can create an electric current to light up a bulb.
  • Earn Experience points and coins by taking quizzes to test your understanding of a topic.
  • Play with 3D models like a telegraph model.
  • Revisit Electromagnetic words by playing word games.
  • Since it is a 3D Adventure game, you can also send Quest and Messages to students.
  • The Coins the kids earn can be used to play mini games
  • Explore 3D coding with a block editor to interact with 3D objects.

Making of GyanQuest

You are playing the role of Sam, an Alien sent to explore Earth and find out about it’s history, culture, technology and people. You are given certain quests but you are also encouraged to take initiative and research items without waiting on directions. You teleport to various locations on Earth. You interact with exhibits, Take a quiz and talk to docents on site. You can walk around and collect items.

As the game progresses, the mission commanders who can also be teachers or parents send Sam sent messages and quests to fulfill. Sam collects coins and XP (Experience points) to spend on various mini-games which are designed to be entertaining and also stimulate creativity.

Building GyanQuest – The GyanQuest game experience is built using the Unity Game engine. Our content is powered by a Knowledge Graph which is created using NLP Machine Learning tools and manual curation – a process we called Assisted AI. Roadmap – Our roadmap includes working with partners to create content to cover more topics. Our docents will incorporate more AI conversational abilities to facilitate learning through conversation. Educators can also create their own content and our plan is to add more mini games, STEM and Word games. For schools, we plan to have integration with Google Classroom and Clever portal.

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