About Maker Fiesta

Welcome to Maker Fiesta. We believe that Learning via Play can transform Education. Our vision is to bring Fun in Education using AI and Gaming

We need to transform Education!

Students need to learn key 21st Century skills to be competitive and learn in a fun way. We need to use technology in new and innovative ways rather than just replace the whiteboard. We need to give more autonomy and support our teachers to explore new creative ways of learning and help provide the Social Emotional support students need.

21st Century skills

Wikipedia defines 21st century skills comprise skills, abilities, and learning dispositions that have been identified as being required for success in 21st century society and workplaces by educators, business leaders, academics, and governmental agencies. This is part of a growing international movement focusing on the skills required for students to master in preparation for success in a rapidly changing, digital society. Many of these skills are also associated with deeper learning, which is based on mastering skills such as analytic reasoning, complex problem solving, and teamwork. These skills differ from traditional academic skills in that they are not primarily content knowledge-based.

Gamify Education

Gamify Education by bringing Quests, Conversations, Videos, Simulations, mini-Games, Quizzes from different sources to encourage students with different learning styles to pick up 21st Century education skills

Different Content Types

We adapt to different learning styles by using different content types like Quest, Video, Conversation…

For example, in GyanQuest, you can learn about Electromagnetism by watching a video, taking a quiz, having a conversation with a Non Playing Video Game Character or doing a quest to solve a problem.

Use Quizzes and mini-games to reinforce what you learn!

Quest Based Learning Framework 

  • Coach and Mentor – Guide one instead of teaching many
  • Acquire Knowledge – from videos, documents, hands-on activities, …
  • Develop Skills – Hands on activities and Games develop Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, …
  • Build Character – Interactions develop Mindfulness, Curiosity, Leadership, …
  • Metacognition – Help Students learn about the learning process to adapt it to their needs
  • Make and Share – Create artifacts instead of consuming
  • Assessment loop – Make adjustments to learning with Assessment Dashboards

Our AI driven model uses Machine Learning and Manual Curation using Domain Knowledge Educators to build an Education Knowledge Graph to drives our Education Game Platform and Learning games and apps like GyanQuest, Career Ascent, Fiesta Pop series…

Have fun Making, Playing, Learning and Sharing!

– Orina and Ash

Orina and Ash have spent their working lives building software for companies like Microsoft, Intel, Netflix, Cisco, Wells Fargo and Ericsson. They are also parents of 3 wonderful kids who have taught them how Learning really works And want to bring their expertise to transform Education.