About Maker Fiesta

Welcome to Maker Fiesta. We believe that Learning via Play can transform Education.

Make, Play, Learn & Share

We create mobile, board and card games that enables the Make, Play, Learn and Share life-cycle.

Build on and extend the games that you already love playing and truly make them your own. Playing the games you create with Family and Friends in a Collaborative and Competitive environment enable you to learn faster and better.

Create Game Experiences without coding

Our games allow you to add your own content and share it with the world. You create custom Game Experiences to share with your family, friends or classroom.

Make a new game level and Play it and Share it with the world!

Our Trivia Fiesta app is a board game on the phone and tablet that guides social interactions of dance, music, drawing, etc. Social interactions like this make the world go around and is an example of extending the Maker spirit to beyond things.

Expanding Maker to beyond things

Our goal is to expand Maker philosophy to beyond things to explore creativity in language, music, dance, math, dance, poetry, etc. The imagination of Steve Jobs was not fueled through technology but art subjects like calligraphy, music, etc.

Have fun Making, Playing, Learning and Sharing!

– Orina and Ash

Orina and Ash have spent their working lives building software for companies like Microsoft, Intel, Netflix, Cisco, Wells Fargo and Ericsson. They are also parents of 3 wonderful kids who have taught them how Learning really works And want to bring their expertise to transform Education.