Maker Fiesta MVP Program

Maker Fiesta MVP program is for Teachers, Students and Content Developers who are using Maker Fiesta products in their communities to bring about change. They are driven by their passion, community spirit, and quest for knowledge to solve real world problems. They want to pioneer new technology, not for the sake of technology, but to increase the skills levels in their community or classroom.

What does it take to be an MVP?

Steps to become an MVP are simple

  • Create high quality content for GyanQuest that your students and friends use
  • Integrating GyanQuest Activities into your curriculum
  • Providing Feedback to help us evolve GyanQuest

Any or all of the above work qualifies you for our MVP program. One more thing – You need to be over 18 or have a Parent/Guardian provide authorization.

What are the benefits?

Benefits are

  • Free licenses for your class or school for Maker Fiesta apps.
  • Email and Phone support if needed.
  • Virtual Events for MVPs on how to use new features more effectively.
  • Participate in our beta program to evolve GyanQuest by providing feedback.
  • Add your content to the GyanQuest Catalog.
  • Gift Certificates awards.
  • Present at our conferences and webinars.

How can I become an MVP?

If you qualify or are willing to meet the requirements, Contact us.

We have a few slots open to Teachers only who want to participate in this program before meeting the requirements.