Math Pop Fiesta

Get into the Number Popping frenzy…
Math Pop Fiesta is a cute, fun and addictive Match 3 puzzle game with a spin. Select any combination of adjacent numbers and operators in any direction to form valid equations. Clear obstacles and use boosters to get more points. Longer Equations are rewarded with higher points.
100% FREE with No Ads OR In-app purchases! Can be played offline as well. Works great on an iPad and other tablets too! You will need to sign in with your Google Id to play higher levels.
If you get stuck and cannot form any more words, click the shuffle icon on the bottom left of your game screen.
Longer Equations of 6 items create a blaster on a random letter. Create a word with a blaster to destroy the entire row. You will need them for higher levels.
Let us know if any level is too easy or too difficult.

Do you like Match 3 games like Candy Crush and Math games. If so, check out this 30s video

If you are using Clever, use the Clever link, otherwise use the iOS, Android or Web app links.