The Maker movement has been steadily gaining momentum. Thousands of people visit the Maker Faire events all around the world each year. They come to celebrate invention, creativity and curiosity. The Maker Faire events have something for everyone, be it a tinkerer or hobbyist or a kid who is amazed and awed by all the activity around them.

Maker Toys are STEM focused and there is a focus on learning stuff. Make and Learn.

While this is important. Maker Fiesta’s focus is Make and Play & Play and Learn & Learn and Share. Learning happens through Play. This enables better learning and prepares students for tomorrow’s workplace over memorization methods. Sharing their learning develops more confident students.

We create mobile, board and card games that enables the Make, Play, Learn and Share life-cycle.

We have been working on products which will provide a framework where you can get started with existing ideas. So instead of coming up with new ideas in a vacuum, you will be able to build on and extend the games that you already love playing and truly make them your own. Playing the games you create with Family and Friends in a Collaborative and Competitive environment enable you to learn faster and better.

Play improves Cognitive skills, Social behavior and nurtures Creativity. Play and Learn develops creativity, collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving.

To succeed in Life, you need more than just Academic skills. Learning different skill are a prerequisite for success in tomorrow’s workplace. 21st century learning skills are often called the 4 C’s: critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating but it goes beyond that.

  • Creative thinking is expansive, open-ended invention and discovery of possibilities
  • Collaboration is the process of two or more people working together to complete a task or achieve a goal.
  • Problem solving skills enable people to define a problem, design an appropriate solution, and put it to effective use.
  • Leadership skills teaches people to inspiremotivate, and empower.
  • Reflection skills teaches a mental process of contemplation.
  • Academic skills include time management, reading proficiency, oral communication, written communication, math, science, etc.
  • Time management skills enable planning, prioritization, goal setting, focus, etc.
  • Communication skills include listening, non verbal cues, empathy, respect, feedback, etc.
  • Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe.
  • Competitiveness  skill is the ability to contend with rivals for the same objective or prize.

Our goal is to expand Maker philosophy to beyond things to explore creativity in language, music, dance, math, dance, poetry, etc. The imagination of Steve Jobs was not fueled through technology but art subjects like calligraphy, music, etc.

Our Trivia Fiesta app is a board game on the phone (and a real physical board game) that guides social interactions of dance, music, drawing, etc. Social interactions like this make the world go around and is an example of extending the Maker spirit to beyond things.

Our products are designed so that our own kids can play with them. Our kids are our first testers. We subject them to the most rigorous product safety testing including ASTM, EN71 and CPSIA. Our digital products contain No-Ads, No-In App Purchases and are safe for kids to use.

We are always happy to hear feedback on how to make our products better.

Have fun Making and Playing. Playing and Learning!

– Orina and Ash