With Covid-19 schools shutdown, we are offering our products free for the next three months.

Check out a short demo of Word Pop Fiesta, Math Pop Fiesta, Fruit Pop Fiesta and Trivia Fiesta to see how you can use them for your online distance learning needs. We are happy to answer any questions. These apps are integrated with the Clever portal and Google Classroom login. For more info – https://MakerFiesta.com

Also, Introducing GyanQuest RPG, which is an immersive 3D Game environment with Educational content. Students play the game as ‘Sam,’ an alien sent to explore Earth and learn everything about it.

Using Role Playing Game elements like immersive story lines, interact-able elements, character progression, rewards along with highly curated Educational content – We create a fun environment where students can Play and Learn.

Navigate different spaces to learn different concepts inside a game in a fun manner. Complete quests to earn rewards and earn bragging points. This game fits well with the concept of online distance learning and allows students to independently complete their assignments remotely.

Sign up for the beta at https://MakerFiesta.com/GyanQuest

We are looking to work with Content partners, Museums and Teachers to develop content for this Educational Role Playing game. If you are interested, please contact us.