Our GyanQuest Beta 1 is now available to testing. This early beta version is provided for feedback only.

You can download the beta

We have some 4th Grade content and 3 fun games to play. More Content will be added soon. Let us know what content you would like to see and we will prioritize it.

You are playing the role of Sam, an Alien sent to explore Earth and find out about it’s history, culture, technology and people. You are given certain quests but you are also encouraged to take initiative and research items without waiting on directions. You teleport to various locations on Earth. You interact with exhibits, Take a quiz and talk to docents on site. You can walk around and collect items.

As the game progresses, the mission commanders who can also be teachers or parents send Sam sent messages and quests to fulfill. Sam collects coins and XP (Experience points) to spend on various mini-games which are designed to be entertaining and also stimulate creativity.

For more information on GyanQuest, check out our GyanQuest page.