Welcome to Learning Electromagnetism with GyanQuest. This video is for teachers and parents to see how students can learn educational concepts using 3D Role Playing games.

Electromagnetism is part of the 4 grade science syllabus for schools in California and here are the concepts kids need to know as part of their curriculum for this topic.

GyanQuest is a 3D RPG, Role Playing Adventure game where you play the role of Sam, an Alien sent to explore Earth. Let’s see how to apply “Play and Learn” concepts to Learning Electromagnetism.

Download GyanQuest at https://MakerFiesta.com/GyanQuest

Teachers and Parents can use GyanQuest for distance learning needs during this covid-19 time and also for flipped classroom learning.

  • Learn by asking our AI Docent game characters.
  • Informative Exhibits teach you different concepts in Electromagnetism
  • Curated Video Exhibits enable multimedia learners to quickly grasp complex concepts.
  • Simulator Exhibits let you Play and Learn on how a moving magnet can create an electric current to light up a bulb.
  • Earn Experience points and coins by taking quizzes to test your understanding of a topic.
  • Play with 3D models like a telegraph model.
  • Revisit Electromagnetic words by playing word games.
  • Since it is a 3D Adventure game, you can also send Quest and Messages to students.
  • The Coins the kids earn can be used to play mini games
  • Explore 3D coding with a block editor to interact with 3D objects.