Maker Fiesta in Schools

Empowering teachers to create fun educational experiences for their students with Maker Fiesta products.

Finished teaching a unit. Host a Trivia Fiesta session to review the unit. Create your own Trivia Fiesta pack or buy packs created by fellow educators from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Working on vocabulary building. Try out Word Pop Fiesta.

Need students to practice mental math, check out Math Pop Fiesta.

Maker Fiesta allows you to create awesome game experiences without coding. We provide the game engines and you choose the content.


The Trivia Fiesta home page has a collection of packs available to play.

If the pack you wish to play is available, click on the pack to begin the game.

If you would like to create your own content, Trivia Fiesta supports uploading your own content as well.


Creating your own Trivia Fiesta game only takes minutes. You can create one from scratch by using our templates or reuse existing games, for example, one of the packs created and verified by teachers.


Select a Trivia Fiesta Knowledge Pack to start the game. You only need a single device, smart phone or tablet to play the game. The app is used to drive game play, but instead of everyone hunched up on your own devices, you simply pass the phone or tablet around.

Divide the class into teams and select the number of rounds you want to play.

Example: Divide a class of 24 students into 4 teams with 6 students in each team and play 6 rounds to allow all students to get a chance to be a team leader.